<![CDATA[Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel - Blog]]>Sun, 21 Oct 2018 05:03:03 +0800Weebly<![CDATA[Breakfast Near Deluxcious Hotel Series: Legendary Transfer Road Roti Canai]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:29:15 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/breakfast-near-deluxcious-hotel-series-legendary-transfer-road-roti-canaiPenang has the fame for being the "food heaven" in Malaysia. The food is famous among local people and visitors alike. Some of the visitors from other States in Malaysia or neighboring countries made it a point to come to Penang bi-weekly or monthly to cure their food additions.
Penang Street Food has been recognized as the Best Street Food in Asia by Time magazine in 2004, CNN Travel as one of the Top Ten Street Food Cities in Asia in 2013 and voted by Lonely Planet as the top culinary destination in 2014.
Just next to Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel, there are quite a number of gems which are known only to locals for their breakfast. Our hotel staffs have done a good job recommending these breakfast places to the hotel guests. Now we bring it here to our "future" guests.
Since there are quite a number of them, we will be introducing them one by one. Today, let us introduce you to: The legendary Transfer Road Roti Canai.
Famous for its "roti banjir ayam"(curry chicken flooding the roti canai) and "roti bakar telur mata"(the half boiled egg over toast).
The price is quite cheap even by the local standard. Normally the queue can be quite long but hey, it's the morning and good food is worth the long wait. The place is just 4 minutes walk from Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage hotel. See the map below.
Here... drool over the pictures for now.
<![CDATA[The Most Important Thing...]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:24:47 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/the-most-important-thingFor a hotel, the one most important thing that cannot be compromised is the bed. Most of the guest will spend a big part of their time in the room on the bed, to catch a good night's sleep after a long day out, be it for vacation or business.
If you look at the reviews Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel have been getting through the likes of Online Travel Agents, you will see commonality in those reviews. "The bed is so comfy", "I had the best sleep ever", "The best bed I have ever slept on" and so on and so forth.
Want to know the secret?
Well, the beds we have are custom made to give our guests the best experience ever. In fact the beddings are one of the biggest investment and expenses for the hotel and the goal is only one; to give our guests the best night sleep possible.
Deep inside us, it is the best investment we have ever made as over the years, we realized it is easier to deal with happy guests with good night sleep rather than disgruntled guests with lack of sleep on the next day.
<![CDATA[Pre-Wedding Photos Anyone?]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:22:37 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/pre-wedding-photos-anyoneIt never crossed our mind that one of the main reason why people would visit our hotel is for pre-wedding photo shoot.
After all, as a hotel service provider, we expect the guests to stay overnight, don't we?
The luxurious design of the hotel rooms, the grand lobby, the artistic interior design and to top it all, a romantic garden within the hotel compound makes it one of the best place for pre-wedding photos.
We are getting more and more such requests coming in as day goes by. From word of mouth and also from wedding planners.
I wonder if this is one of the potential new business that we can venture into, on top of the hotel business.
Wonder why the newly wed-to-be like to take pictures in our hotel? See them for yourselves.
Due to copyright issues, we cannot post the pictures of our guests who took their pre-wedding pictures here, but feel free to Google them online. We found a few of them just by Googling.
<![CDATA[Where To Park My Car Overnight?]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:20:00 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/where-to-park-my-car-overnightOne of the challenge with travelling for a family with kids is the number of items to carry with you. For family of four or more, typically the preferred way to travel is with car.
If you are travelling within your own country, driving your own car provides the convenience. The multiple pit stops for your kids to go to toilet, buy food, water, etc. It gives you less stress knowing that you have full control over the journey.
Even if you are travelling overseas, renting a car at the destination tend to be easier compared to taking public transport, as a lot of items can be packed and left in the car, while you alight the car to enjoy the new destinations.
Now here comes the killer part. If your hotel does not provide a free parking space, where do you park your car? In places such as Georgetown Penang, land is expensive. Quite a number of hotels do not provide free parking space together with the room. Guests are expected to find their own parking, either by the road side, risking summon or find a paid parking, where additional money is burnt. It's not cheap to pay for overnight parking, not to mention if you plan to stay for a few days.
At Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel, we have our own gated compound and provide free parking space within the hotel compound for the convenience of our guests. Just let us know ahead of time if you are travelling with car and need a parking space and we will reserve one for you.
The best part is it is free. We truly provide you with a good night sleep without having to worry about your car.
<![CDATA[Family Suite (vs Junior Suite)]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:16:49 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/family-suite-vs-junior-suiteSo it has been a while since we have written about the different room types in Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel.
We have introduced the Deluxe King, Superior Twins, Superior Double, Junior Suite and Presidential Suite. In case you missed it, look for our previous posts.
Family Suite is one of the more popular room type in Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel. As the name suggests, it is a popular choice for family with kids. It contains 2 Queen size beds to fit a family of four.
Some of the Suites contains a separate area with sofa while some may not. The difference between a Junior Suite and Family Suite is really the beds and for obvious reasons, with the additional beds, the Family Suite room size is also bigger.
Do you find this helpful? Let us know so that we can continue to post more of such information.
In the mean time, take a look at our Family Suite photos.
<![CDATA[Penang Georgetown Streets]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:13:32 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/penang-georgetown-streetsThe streets in Penang Georgetown carries a lot of meaning. The streets are famous for different things to different people. Food tourists look for Street Food, music enthusiasts look for Street Musician, artists and photographers look for Street Murals, shoppers look for Street Market.
All these are nicely sprinkled around the different streets within the Georgetown.
<![CDATA[Penang - The Food Haven]]>Sat, 20 Oct 2018 11:11:35 GMThttp://deluxcioushotel.com.my/blog/penang-the-food-havenDo you know Penang is well known as a food paradise? Over the last couple of years, food tourism has seen a boost with local and overseas tourists flocking into the small Georgetown in Penang to enjoy the food trails spread around the whole town. Even the locals are organizing food hunt over the weekends to find the mouth-watering food second to none, well hidden within the heritage buildings sprinkled across the town area.
See the video below for some introduction to the hidden gems within Georgetown, Penang.
Deluxcious Luxurious Heritage Hotel is located strategically right in the middle of the food haven with easy access to the gems within walking distance.
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